Unseeing eBook & Video Bundle


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Bundle: Unseeing eBook & Video

Author: Ian Plant

In this stunning eBook & Video bundle, Ian Plant shares his most powerful secrets for taking compelling photographs. He starts by showing you how to see the world the way your camera sees it: You’ll learn how your choice of focal length, aperture, exposure, and shutter speed can profoundly and artistically transform your photography subjects.

But technical choices are merely the beginning: Ian will also teach you how to creatively use perspective, composition, light, and moment to make stunning photos. These lessons will forever alter how you see the world, and fundamentally transform your photography.

Unseeing consists of a 191-page eBook and 50 minutes of video instruction. But this instruction isn’t your typical dry and dusty discussion with a bunch of boring technical lectures; rather, it is a full-throated manifesto, a call to arms for you to totally unleash your creative vision. If you want to become a photography rebel, shattering conventions and breaking taboos to stand out from the crowd, then this bundle will help you show the world what you’re made of!

This package covers the following topics, among many others:

  • How your choice of focal length not only changes how your subject looks, but also changes your approach to photography.
  • How you can creatively use aperture, shutter speed, and focus to artistically transform your photography subjects.
  • How exposure and color can be used to trigger an emotional response in your viewers.
  • How you can tell a compelling story with your photos, rather than just create a documentary record.
  • How to use perspective, composition, light, and moment to make stunning photos that stand out from the crowd.
  • If you are looking to shake things up and take your photography to the next level, then Unseeing will give you the inspiration and creative tools you need!

    About the Author: Ian Plant is the Managing Editor of Outdoor Photography Guide. In addition, Ian is a frequent contributor to many leading photo magazines including Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Popular Photography Magazine, and Landscape Photography Magazine. Ian is a Tamrom Image Master, whose work also appears in many books, calendars, ad campaigns, and magazines worldwide.

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