David Johnston

Difficult Lighting Situations in Outdoor Photography

David Johnston
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Duration:   5  mins

Outdoor photography is predominantly the art form of chasing and capturing the effects that light has on an outdoor scene. Having a definition that wide, it’s obvious that if you go outside with your camera, you’re going to find yourself in several lighting situations. With that in mind, you can actually group all lighting situations into three specific lighting scenarios that you need to know for outdoor photography.

So, what are those three types and how do you photograph a successful image when the lighting is difficult? In this video, I’ll take you with me to the Outer Banks in North Carolina to explain a quick guide to light as well as how to overcome difficult lighting situations with multiple exposure photography.

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One Response to “Difficult Lighting Situations in Outdoor Photography”

  1. Chris

    Very good explanation. Clear and concise Aren’t the outer banks fabulous? Went there last summer and plan to return again this summer. Wild horses! Care to join in the fun?

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