Matt Bishop

Finding Your Creativity Through Seeing

Matt Bishop
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Duration:   16  mins

You have been capturing lovely landscape images with your wide angle lens, but you’d like to expand your imagination. In this premium video, Outdoor Photography Guide’s Matt Bishop shows you how to find your creativity by looking for new ideas.

He takes you to an Italian seascape setting, puts away his tripod, and goes handheld with his 35mm f-2 lens. Wandering around, he searches for small scenes, and captures a rim of golden sand flanked by a shimmering sea wave. Wading into the sea, he shoots dazzling sunrise reflections. Matt is finding his creativity through seeing.

Next, he concentrates on the streaked rock faces to capture beautiful patterns on the rocks. He comes across clumps of green moss growing between the marbled rock faces. With the sunlight lancing through his frame, Matt captures the textures of moss and stone. Wading further into the sea, he photographs sunlit streaks on the sea, creating an abstract image.

As Outdoor Photography Guide’s Matt Bishop explains, the goal is to keep exploring various scenes with your creative eye on full alert.

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