Finding Interesting Photography Subjects by the Beach

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Duration: 7:50

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Finding interesting subjects for your photography can be hit or miss. Sometimes a great opportunity jumps right out at you, giving you great shot after great shot. Other times you tote your camera around for hours without the tiniest spark of inspiration. This session will give you some great tips for finding creative photography subjects. We’ll be shooting by the beach, but these tips can be applied to any location.

When you are looking for interesting things to shoot, it’s easy to default to what you’ve always done. This session will teach you how to find great photography subjects by tapping into your own creativity and utilizing what is available to you.

From patterns in the sand to a fiery orange sunset, this session will show you how to put a new spin on photos that have been done again and again. It drives home just how important composition is and it gives some solid composition tips that you can use wherever you are shooting.