Ian Plant

How to Choose a Tripod

Ian Plant
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Duration:   3  mins

A tripod can be an essential piece of equipment in many types of photography situations, whether you’re out in the wilderness or closer to home. In this video you’ll get valuable tips on how to choose a tripod, including a demonstration of numerous tripod types plus a detailed discussion of the pros and cons of each type. You’ll find out which photography settings best suit each tripod so you can determine which one you should have on hand. Considerations when deciding on a tripod include durability, height, weight, size, portability, and adjustable features. You’ll be better prepared to select your ideal tripod after learning from this video.

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2 Responses to “How to Choose a Tripod”

  1. Edith goren

    I am a member. Still cannot get access to videos

  2. Rick Klingensmith

    This was a great video but I could use more information. I'm planning on taking some vacation in Florida and Arizona which will require a bit of hiking. I'm 65 so weight will be a concern and I'm also 6' 4" so tripod height is another, Having the camera at eye level is nice. I'm not sure I want to carry the tall Gizzo like you had in the video and I'm not really sue about the MeFoto or 3LeggedThing tripods. Do you have any more details to share? Plus I've read the articles that say you'll end up with the $1000.00 models eventually so don't waste your money? I'm using a Bogen 3021 in aluminum currently.

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