Photographing Grizzly Bears in the Northern Rockies

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Learn all about staying safe while shooting wild grizzly bears, getting better quality pictures at the same time, and tips on how to shoot wildlife. Follow Doug Gardner and Jared Lloyd to the northern Rockies where they will teach you technical photography tips, creative ideas, and basic safety tips while in bear habitats.

Professional Photographers Doug Gardner and Jared Lloyd take you with them to the northern Rockies to show you how to photograph grizzly bears. While giving you technical advice on camera setups and speed and aperture settings, they also provide safety tips so you don’t become the victim of a bear attack. You want the bears to know you are there in their habitat. The best way to do this is to make plenty of noise so you don’t surprise them. You also want to stay out in the open and not go into a wooded area where a bear could surprise you. This session will give you plenty of creative ideas for capturing action shots of wild bears, technical tools that help you get better quality pictures, and keep you safe at the same time. Plus you will receive a nature lesson on grizzly bears in the northern Rockies.

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