• 59:13

    OPG LIVE: August 2019

    Professional photographer Ian Plant shares his photos and stories from Greenland. He reveals his techniques for photographing massive icebergs, and his various mishaps flying his drone from a small speedboat in Greenland’s icy fjords!

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  • 1:00:18

    OPG LIVE: July 2019

    Pro photographer Ian Plant has just returned from photographing the total solar eclipse in the desert of Argentina. He shares stories and photos from his adventure in this months event!

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  • 1:18:04

    OPG GOLD LIVE: Critique-A-Palooza 3

    Professional photographer Ian Plant hosted a third round of live photo critiques. He dedicated the entire class to critiquing GOLD member photos. Thank you to all who submitted your photos!

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  • 1:02:51

    OPG LIVE: June 2019

    Pro photographer Ian Plant is getting ready for a trip to the Argentina desert to photograph the total solar eclipse. In preparation for his trip, he shares some of his favorite photos from this amazing place and describes the techniques he uses to bring his landscape photos to life.

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  • 1:12:36

    OPG LIVE: May 2019

    Professional photographer Ian Plant shares his favorite tips and techniques for making compelling wildlife photos in this episode of OPG LIVE.

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  • 56:28

    OPG LIVE: April 2019

    Fresh from two weeks of photo adventure in the Utah desert, pro photographer Ian Plant discussed the importance of scouting, finding good compositions, and returning to the best locations to wait for the weather and clouds to bring everything together in a stunning photograph.

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  • 50:23

    OPG GOLD LIVE: Chasing the Light

    Light is to photography as paint is to a painter: without light, photography would never progress beyond mere blank canvases, unrealized potential never brought to life. Professional photographer Ian Plant shares his years of field experience chasing the light and trying to find the right combination of color, light, and mood to bring his nature subjects to their fullest expression.

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  • 53:52

    OPG LIVE: March 2019

    Professional photographer Ian Plant discusses the living presence in the landscape. He covers techniques for adding people to your landscape photos to create a sense of scale and enhance compositional interest.

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  • 56:12

    OPG LIVE: February 2019

    Professional photographer Ian Plant shares some of his favorite winter photos and cold weather photography techniques, and as always, he answers viewer questions.

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