• Photography Outdoor Lighting Tips

    Photography Outdoor Lighting Tips for Mid-Day Light

    How often have you encountered a dramatic outdoor subject only to be victimized by the wrong photography lighting? Professional photographer, Jim Zuckerman, came across this problem in Maine. Jim shoots a classic New England church under mid-day sun with the front in shadow. You will learn how to overcome the problem of high contrast in…

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  • Blown Highlights

    Avoiding Blown Highlights

    Photographers are always dealing with the problem of blown highlights. Professional shooter, Jim Zuckerman, takes you to New England to work on this problem. Jim finds a crumbling stone wall in rural New England. When he sets up his camera, he encounters patches of sunlight. He explains, “If you have a shaded subject and a…

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    New England Color: Field Techniques for Great Pictures – Course Preview

    Field photography can be an exciting experience. The thrill of being outdoors and the search for photo opportunities. In this series of videos, get into the field with world renowned photographer, Jim Zuckerman, as he shows you tips on field photography in the fall colors of New England. Jim photographs iconic Maine lighthouses at sunrise…

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  • Photography Exposure

    Sunrise Photography Exposure

    According to world renowned photographer, Jim Zuckerman, the best time of the day to shoot a landscape is at sunrise. “You have golden lighting and beautiful texture,” he explains. In this video, you will learn the importance of photography exposure. Jim composes a lighthouse in silhouette and sets his exposure for the rising sun to…

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  • Leading Lines

    Using Leading Lines in Your Shot

    What are leading lines in photographic composition? World renowned photographer, Jim Zuckerman, shows you the technique as he composes a lighthouse image in coastal Maine. Jim starts out with a wide angle lens, his composition following the fence line as it leads your eye to the lighthouse. For optimum resolution, he recommends shooting in RAW…

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  • 6:23

    Photographing Using the Classic Landscape Technique

    Every photographer yearns to capture a beautiful, classic landscape. World renowned photographer, Jim Zuckerman, shows you how in composing a landscape in Maine. He finds a lighthouse with a rocky shoreline and takes you through the steps to create a classic landscape image. You will learn why manual focus and a deep aperture setting work…

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  • 4:13

    Capturing Your Shot in the Morning Light

    Late morning light offers you the interplay of darks and lights in composing a landscape image. On a beautiful morning, world renowned photographer, Jim Zuckerman, shows you natural lighting techniques in coastal Maine. Jim’s subject is a lighthouse. He uses a wide angle lens near to the foreground, his focal point eight feet away, and…

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  • 1:00

    One Final Shot at Portland Head Light

    You know the feeling. Your day of photography is over, but you have this yearning to compose one last shot. Professional photographer, Jim Zuckerman, also knows the feeling as he captures his own one last shot in Portland, Maine. On the rocky shoreline of coastal Maine, Jim sets his tripod at a low angle and…

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  • Color in Photography

    Capturing Good Color in Photography

    The key to good color in photography is how to evaluate the light. Professional photographer, Jim Zuckerman, shows you how as he shoots elegant color images in Maine. Along the shoreline of coastal Maine, Jim discovers remarkable rock formations in mid-day sunlight. You will learn how to position yourself to capture sharp images of a…

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