• 6:57

    HDR Processing: Tips and Techniques

    HDR processing can be frustrating, the final processed HDR image sometimes disappointing. In this video, professional photographer Steve Niedorf shows you how to make your high dynamic range images more natural and real. In editing, he starts with eight photographs of a condo interior, each taken at different exposures. He uses Lightroom and also HDR…

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  • 4:33

    Tips for Converting Images to Black and White

    The latest editing software has made converting images to black and white a lot easier. In this video, professional photographer Steve Niedorf shows you how the process works. In Lightroom, he converts a color image of a tropical plant into a stunning black and white file in a few simple steps. First, he hits the…

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  • 12:46

    How to Determine White Balance Settings for Different Light

    White balance settings are always an issue given the variety of lighting conditions photographers face. In this video, professional photographer Steve Niedorf takes you through the entire process of white balance settings. His location is a white wall room with a balance of window daylight and artificial light that will affect his portrait of a…

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  • 8:05

    Tips for Editing Black and White Photos

    There are those who think everyone looks better in black and white. In this video, professional photographer Steve Niedorf shows you why with a portrait of his model, Tasha. In Lightroom, he converts his color portrait of her to monochrome by simply clicking on the black and white icon. Next, he uses Highlight Priority vignetting…

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  • 4:45

    Capturing Migrating Shorebirds in South Carolina

    It’s late spring in coastal Carolina and the birds are gathering. In this video, expert wildlife photographer Doug Gardner takes you to Charleston harbor for tips and techniques on capturing seabirds foraging for food on a sandy shoreline. He photographs fast-moving sandpipers and willets feeding on horseshoe crab eggs. With his telephoto lens, he uses…

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  • 10:05

    Photographing Shorebirds on Crab Bank

    Coastal South Carolina is home to thousands of nesting sea birds. In this video, expert wildlife photographers Doug Gardner and Eric Horan take you to Charleston’s Crab Bank for tips on capturing pelicans, terns, skimmers, clapper rails, and more. You will learn how to photograph birds in flight and nesting with their chicks. You will…

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  • 6:09

    Finding the Perfect Exposure

    Photographing shorebirds takes some exposure adjustments. In this video, expert wildlife photographer Doug Gardner sets up on a beach and looks for the perfect exposure to capture these active birds. It’s early morning, and the water is cool blue, the marsh grass a warm green. Doug measures his exposure off the water, his camera reading…

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  • 3:16

    Capturing More Shorebirds

    The Carolina tidal flats offer wonderful opportunities to photograph shorebirds. In this video, expert wildlife photographer Doug Gardner ventures onto the slimy pluff mud to capture images of short-billed dowitchers, black bellied plovers, sandpipers, terns, and more. Rich in decaying crustaceans, pluff mud is an ideal environment for birds to feed on. Doug is able…

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  • 1:32

    Shooting with a Grad ND Filter

    Some of the best places to shoot landscape photographs are in the state parks across the country. Wasatch State Park in Utah is one of the most beautiful. In this video, landscape photographer, Adam Barker, takes you there for tips on creating a memorable image with a Grad ND filter. Adam finds what he calls…

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