• Winter Photography: Exposure, Composition & Details - Course Preview

    Winter Photography Tips: Exposure, Composition and Details – Course Preview

    Do you want to learn how to take better outdoor pictures in the winter? Taking photos in snowy backgrounds requires skill to get professional quality results. It can also be a lot of fun, as you get to experience great winter activities. Here’s where you go to discover the secret.

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  • Proper Winter Exposure

    Proper Winter Exposure

    Taking winter photographs is an art form. One of the first things you need to learn to get perfect ones is how to get proper exposure. The white expanse of snow in most winter backgrounds leads to a lack of detail and incorrect colors. Learn how to avoid these things and take winter photographs correctly.

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  • Essential Clothing for Winter Photography

    Essential Clothing for Winter Photography

    Don’t freeze while you’re outside taking your winter photos. Learn how to dress properly for any winter weather in this session. After all, you can’t take good photos if you lose your fingers or toes to frostbite!

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  • Gear: What You Need to Know

    Winter Gear: What You Need to Know

    You need different gear when you take photographs in the winter than you do in other seasons. The environmental conditions and the extreme low temperatures don’t work well with traditional photography equipment. Learn what you need to get good photographs while ensuring your gear remains in tip top photographing condition.

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  • Tips for Great Animal Portraits

    Tips for Great Animal Portraits

    Do you want to get beautiful portraits of your pets in winter landscapes? Would you prefer to get some candid shots of local wildlife making its way through the snow? Here’s what you need to know to get professional quality animal photos in the winter that are suitable for publication.

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  • Shooting Winter Landscape

    Shooting Winter Landscapes

    There are so many options for taking amazing winter landscapes. Each person experiences the feeling of the winter differently. Capturing the view in clear precision while evoking your personal emotion is the key to taking an excellent winter landscape.

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  • Changing Your Perspective

    Changing Your Perspective

    Nature is an incredible place, full of interesting patterns, colors, and perspectives. You can take photographs that are worthy of art books or magazine pages by getting a unique and amazing perspective. Winter offers plenty of opportunities for incredible perspective shots. Here’s how to get them.

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  • Composing Compelling Portraits

    Composing Compelling Portraits

    Have you noticed how the snowy winter landscape makes an excellent backdrop for portrait photographs? Whether you’re photographing people or objects, the tips you’ll learn in this session will help make your portraits shine.

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  • Details Tell the Story

    Details Tell the Story

    The details in your photographs cannot be ignored. They tell a whole story on their own. Make sure they are telling the story you want your photographs to tell. This session teaches you the fine art of photographic details, how to add and remove them, and what story they can tell.

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