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    Outdoor Photography Ideas in an Untouched Wilderness – Course Preview

    If you’ve ever been on a wilderness expedition, you know the unspoiled beauty and the solitude you have while in your canoe, at your campsite, or hiking the trails — and the magnificent photo opportunities. This wilderness photography course will give you the tools you need to capture those great shots, as well as ideas for different perspectives and techniques that can give you an alternate view of your subject.

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  • Shooting in and Around Water

    Shooting in and Around Water

    Learn some tips for shooting in and around water while on a wilderness photography expedition. Layne Kennedy shares tips for composing interesting shots of water scenes.

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  • Things You Might Pass By

    Things You Might Pass By

    When trekking out in the wilderness, it’s always a good idea to stay aware of your surroundings. You never know what interesting subjects you’ll find that you might normally pass by.

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  • Night Photography

    Night Photography

    Nightfall doesn’t have to mean quitting time for the outdoor nature photographer. Layne Kennedy offers tips and ideas for creative nighttime photography shots.

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    Problem Solving

    You are bound to encounter some obstacles or problems while on a nature shoot. Layne offers tips to solve some of the more common ones you may find.

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  • Creative Ways to Capture Vastness

    Creative Ways to Capture Vastness

    You can add an interesting element to your outdoor or nature shots by capturing the vastness of a scene. Photographer Layne Kennedy provides tips on lighting, shoot elevation, and focus to capture a vast scene.

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  • Preparing for a Wilderness Adventure

    Preparing for a Wilderness Adventure

    Depending on the length of stay and location of your wilderness expedition, you may need ample prep time. Layne Kennedy shares his tips for preparing and packing for a photography trip.

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  • Adding Wildlife into Your Shot

    Adding Wildlife Into Your Shot

    In this session, Layne shares creative ideas for incorporating elements of wildlife into a shot, using a pair of found shed antlers as his creative muse.

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