• Capturing Wild Horses - Course Preview

    Wildlife Photography: Capturing Wild Horses – Course Preview

    Join a team of professional photographers as they seek out the famed wild horses of North Carolina. Learn about these stunning creatures and how to get the best photographs of them.

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  • Working the Subject

    Working the Subject

    This session takes you through the process of composing your shot, exercising patience, working the shot, and waiting for the right moment. You’ll see stunning examples of wild horse photography, with tips and tricks that will help you capture your own beautiful shots.

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  • History of Horses

    History of Horses

    Learn about the history of North Carolina’s wild horses. How did they come to be on the island, and how do they thrive in such harsh conditions? These horses are magnificent, and capturing them in photo form is something that many people never get the opportunity to do.

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  • Capturing Stallion Action

    Capturing Stallion Action

    Shooting wild horses and other animals is immensely rewarding, but it isn’t always easy. You need skill, care, and patience. Learn how to capture those wild stallion shots and how fading into the background and being unobtrusive can help you take better wildlife photos.

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