• how-to-photograph-hummingbirds

    How to photograph hummingbirds? Join pro photographers Doug Gardner and Ben Clewis in this series of videos for all you need to know about how to photograph hummingbirds in action. Ben takes you into his own backyard and demonstrates simple and complex studio setups including colored background boards, flower groupings, and lighting setups. He shows… Read more »

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  • OPG 012532f_B2D81U_c Techinques for Photographing Hummingbirds

    Photographing hummingbirds takes planning, preparation, and camera knowledge. These charming little birds are constantly on the move. In this video, professional wildlife photographers Doug Gardner and Ben Clewis take you into Ben’s backyard for the complete process of photographing hummingbirds. You will learn how to assemble a hummingbird station in your backyard. You will also… Read more »

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  • OPG 012534f_B2D83U_c One on One

    Professional photographer Ben Clewis is well known for his photographs of hummingbirds, but his wildlife photographic journey is also interesting. In this video, pro shooter Doug Gardner goes one on one with Ben, who started out at a young age as a hunter but quickly converted to carrying a camera. He explains that he now… Read more »

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  • hummingbird images

    Photographing speedy little hummingbirds takes preparation. In this video, wildlife photographer Ben Clewis shows you how to create a studio environment in your own backyard to capture memorable hummingbird images. For backgrounds, Ben uses colored boards or pots of flowers. As a foreground, Ben sets up a small sprig of flowers. He uses two side… Read more »

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  • OPG 012538f_B2D87U_c More Complex Set-up

    Photographing hummingbirds can be as complex as you make it. In this video, wildlife photographer Ben Clewis pulls out all the stops to show you a complicated setup that pays off in magnificent images. He erects five flash units triggered by a pocket wizard. His camera is equipped with a 500mm lens with an extension… Read more »

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