• Spoil Islands

    In this session, you will follow the photographers to Spoil Island, which is right off Tampa Bay on the west side of the state. With its location off the gulf coast, there is a unique makeup of plant and wildlife.

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  • Venice Rookery

    Placement helps ensure your pictures are beautiful and clutter-free. That is why the position you select is so important in your photography. In this session, you will gain tips for composing shots that truly capture the essence of the landscape.

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  • Capturing the Wildlife

    It takes a special eye to capture beautiful wildlife. Make sure to take advantage of special camera features to ensure you’re always able to snap that right moment. This session offers tips for how you can best capture wildlife.

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  • Myakka River State Park

    The Florida Gulf Coast is a truly unique wildlife and nature photographer’s paradise. In this session, follow along with professional wildlife photographers as they explore and photograph the beautiful Myakka River State Park.

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  • Learn Wildlife Photography Along the Florida Coast

    From freshwater birds to deer, owls and other wildlife, understanding how to best photograph wildlife is essential. In this course, you will follow along with professional wildlife photographers in the diverse landscape of the Florida Gulf Coast.

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  • 15:21

    Wildlife photography in the winter can produce breathtaking images of both wildlife and their surroundings. Photographers Doug Gardner and Jared Lloyd show you how to photograph these beauties while also safely traversing one of the harshest winter environments in the world.

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  • 9:20

    Photographing coyotes can be challenging, as they can be easily spooked, but in this Yellowstone winter photography course, wildlife photographers Doug Gardner and Jared Lloyd come across a lone coyote making its way along a riverbank and, finally, settling down to intently watch some small prey in the snow. The coyote’s stillness makes for great winter wildlife photos.

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  • 17:15

    Wildlife photography isn’t for the impatient. Photographers Doug Gardner and Jared Lloyd show you in this session how staying the course and waiting for the right moment can result in stunning photos, whether you’re photographing a bull elk in the snow or a bighorn sheep in a brushy area where you’re waiting for a little color to brighten up the scene.

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  • 8:26

    Want to shoot winter photos in one of the harshest environments of the world? Yellowstone National Park may be your ideal destination. This session will help you stay comfortable and safe while photographing beautiful animals in a pristine winter environment.

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