• 0:36

    Shooting in the Francis Beidler Forest – Course Preview

    What’s it like shooting wildlife in a cypress swamp? In this video series, professional wildlife photographer Doug Gardner travels to South Carolina’s Francis Beidler Forest for tips and techniques on capturing memorable images of the barred owl, pileated woodpecker, yellow crowned night heron, otter, alligator, cottonmouth water moccasin, and even tree spiders. You will learn…

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  • 10:40

    Capturing Wildlife at Francis Beidler Forest

    The Francis Beidler Forest is teeming with amazing wildlife. In this video, professional wildlife photographers Doug Gardner and Don Wouri travel to the swamp interior to capture dramatic images of colorful prothonotary warblers raising their young in a cypress nest. You will learn that the big telephoto lenses at small f-stops work to soften the…

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  • 3:22

    Capturing The Cottonmouth Water Moccasin

    The Francis Beidler Forest cypress swamp provides an ideal home for the cottonmouth water moccasin. In this video, wildlife photographers Doug Gardner and Don Wouri photograph a huge water moccasin snake swimming through swamp water, resting on a log, and coiled to blend into its environment. They also shoot stunning images of the snake at…

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  • 3:23

    About the Francis Beidler Forest

    South Carolina’s Francis Beidler Forest is a spectacular setting for photographing many species of wildlife. In this video, Doug Gardner talks with the Sanctuary manager, Norman Brunswig, who describes the natural appeal. Audubon and the Nature Conservancy manage the preserve. Privately funded, the Francis Beidler Forest consists of 1700 acres of swamp, ponds, and vegetation…

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  • 4:31

    Capturing More Wildlife at the Francis Beidler Forest

    Wildlife abounds in the swamps and ponds of the Francis Beidler Forest. In this video, professional wildlife photographers Doug Gardner and Don Wouri show you their images taken in the only remaining cypress forest in the world. You follow along as Don shoots the banded water snake prowling for food, and a dark fishing spider…

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