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Seasonal Photography: Tips for Capturing Year-Round Photos—Course Preview

Layne Kennedy
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Duration:   2  mins

If you see seasonal photography and wish you could come up with images that beautiful, the good news is that you can. This Seasonal Photography course will give you the skills, insights, and tricks needed to capture beauty all year long and share it with others.

Breathtaking beauty exists in all four seasons of the year, and a talented photographer can freeze these scenes in time. If you’ve always wanted to take the kind of pictures that take people’s breath away, this course will give you the tools you need to capture year-round beauty.

In this video course, you’ll gain from the wisdom of Layne Kennedy, a seasoned photographer who will break down the year into four separate sessions.

Photography, Season by Season

Each season is a separate segment with each covering multiple photography topics, starting with an overview of the season outlining considerations of shooting in that season.

For spring photos, you’ll move on to learn about setting up the shot, highlighting your subject with backlighting, and using macro, wide angle, and panoramic lenses.

The summer segment—filmed at the Minnesota State Fair—will cover photographing crowds, focusing in tightly on animated faces, and working with indoor scenes.

In the fall, you’ll be able to choose the right exposure for the changing colors, creatively show motion in your photos, and find different perspectives to shoot from.

Winter requires perhaps the most consideration, starting with dressing to stay warm and dry and figuring out what you can take with you and how to transport it (Layne uses a sled). He also explains how to use light and exposure for realistic colors and gives tips on visualizing and cropping great images. You’ll also see how a nearly monochromatic image with dull colors can get more spark when converting to black and white.

Throughout the course, you’ll learn to get the best images of each of the four seasons: perhaps you’ll reveal the first flowers unfolding in the spring, capture the festive atmosphere at a summer fair, present the gorgeous spread of fall, or highlight exquisite frosted trees and tenacious frozen berries in winter. The skills you’ll learn can help you capture beauty throughout your lifetime.



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