• 0:18

    Capturing South Carolina’s Lake Marion – Course Preview

    Lake Marion in South Carolina is an ideal environment for nature photography. In this video series, pro wildlife photographer Doug Gardner takes you there and shows you how to photograph an osprey family and their nesting and hunting routines. Later, he takes advantage of the diffused lighting as he uses different lenses to photograph water…

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  • 9:51

    Photographing Osprey

    On Lake Marion in South Carolina professional wildlife photographer Doug Gardner discovers an osprey nest, home to a dad, a mom, and three chicks. He navigates his jon boat into a quiet cove, and sets up his camera gear for a day of capturing osprey. In this video, you will learn the best methods of…

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  • 6:01

    Wetland Photography: Tips and Techniques

    Wetland photography can be a wonderful shooting experience, but the environment is often challenging. In this video, professional outdoor photographer Doug Gardner takes you to South Carolina‚Äôs Lake Marion for tips and techniques in capturing images of birds and flowers in the ponds and cypress trees. On a cool overcast day, Doug takes advantage of…

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  • 6:27

    Capturing the Southern Cypress Swamp

    When sunlight filters through cypress trees, the photo ops abound. In this video, pro wildlife photographer Doug Gardner takes you to a southern cypress swamp in search of nature images. He shows you how to wade slowly through the murky water without stirring the mud, how to shoot pond reflections, bark patterns, songbirds, ducks, butterflies,…

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