• Aerial Photography Course

    In this aerial photography course, award-winning editorial photographer Steve Niedorf will take you on location where you will learn the mechanics of photographing with a quadcopter, from box to air-borne and back to land. The aerial photography course will cover photography tips and tricks including… Tips on the purchase of the appropriate quadcopter and camera… Read more »

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  • Session 1 - Getting Started 010186f_B2882U_c.00_00_30_28.Still001

    You’ve made your decision to fly. You’ve bought your new quadcopter. What next? In this session, award-winning editorial photographer and instructor, Steve Niedorf, will guide you through safety preparations so you will be ready to capture images in your very first flight. Steve will explain the radio-controlled quadcopter that allows you to take still and… Read more »

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  • Aerial Photography Tips

    Aerial photography is fun, rewarding and challenging. But before you fly outside, you will need some inside, pre-flight tips. Award-winning photographer Steve Niedorf will guide you through the process of learning pre-flight training and offer some aerial photography tips. The process is like picking up your first camera and attempting to take pictures. It took… Read more »

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  • Drones for Aerial Photography

    You’ve expanded your knowledge of drones for aerial photography and you’ve mastered the moves of the mini copter. Now you are now eager to take the next step. It’s time to purchase a multi rotor drone. How do you research the best drone to fit your needs? How do you narrow and refine your purchase… Read more »

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  • Aerial Photography Camera

    You’ve made the decision to fly and done your practice sessions. Now for the next step, buying the right camera? What are the most important features, advantages and benefits of the various aerial photography camera types? In this video, award-winning photographer and instructor, Steve Niedorf, will guide you through the process of purchasing your first… Read more »

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  • Session 5 - Flying Lessons 010196f_B2892U_c.00_04_39_16.Still001

    In this video on flying lessons, award-winning, photographer, Steve Niedorf, will guide you through the learning process of getting your drone airborne. Steve will show you the best methods to capturing memorable images by providing some useful photography tips and tricks. You will see….. Steve directing a certified, drone pilot to capture exciting, aerial images… Read more »

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  • Expert Interview on Flying Drones for Aerial Photography

    In this video, award-winning photographer, Steve Niedorf, conducts an interview with Adam Geiss, professional photographer and certified RC pilot. You will learn photography tips and trips from the experts including… How to scout your aerial location free of hazards such as power lines, cell towers, and busy roads. Considerations of weather, open spaces, and sun… Read more »

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