• 9:18

    Shooting Waterfalls from MPB

    Many outdoor photographers love shooting waterfalls. But to capture a stunning waterfall image takes practice. In this video lesson OPG’s pro photographer David Johnston visits his favorite waterfalls in Tennessee and gives you tips and suggestions on shooting waterfalls. To get complete coverage in shooting waterfalls, David experiments with a variety of compositions and lenses.…

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  • 7:49

    Essential Water Photography Gear

    Outdoor photography has the ability of putting you in very unique situations in which you must problem solve with your compositions and photography gear. Waterfall photography is no different. In fact, once you have photographed waterfalls several times, you begin to realize how much of a niche topic that they are within outdoor photography. To…

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  • 2:51

    Shooting in the Rain

    What is the first thing you are tempted to do when you are outside and it starts to rain? Most people would answer that they would make a mad dash to their car and go back home! Not us. We are outdoor photographers and there is actually a lot of photography potential when rain starts…

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  • 2:30

    Why You Should Use a Circular Polarizer for Outdoor Photography

    Outdoor photographers are faced with all kinds of conditions, elements, and outdoor features. One of the most intriguing features in outdoor photography is water. Photographers can use water to create stunning compositions by using the water and light together. Creating highly creative compositions with water features requires a circular polarizing filter. Circular polarizers allow photographers…

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  • 2:04

    Using Water Movement to Create Compelling Compositions

    When photographers are thinking about a composition, they think about light, lines, and the necessary gear for each shot. There are many scenarios, however, when photographers should put exposure speed and movement into consideration for compelling compositions. This is especially important when you’re dealing with water photography. When you think more creatively about water movement…

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  • 3:54

    Tips for Photographing in Water

    For most photographers, photography ends at the water’s edge. But that’s not how professional photographer Ian Plant sees it. In this video, Ian discusses the advantages of safely getting into the water for photography. He talks about ways to keep your equipment dry, how to stay safe and warm when in the water, and how…

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