Photographing the Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands, located in the South Atlantic off the coast of South America, are world-renowned for their exceptional wildlife photography opportunities. Large, easily accessible colonies contain tens of thousands of some of the world’s most incredible birds, including five species of penguin, imperial cormorants, and black-browed albatross. Elephant seals, sea lions, and orcas are… Read more »

Review: Katana Jr. Gimbal Head

If you are serious about wildlife photography, you are going to want to invest in a quality gimbal head. Most long telephoto lens used in wildlife work are simply too heavy and bulky for prolonged handheld shooting. A gimbal is designed to balance the camera and lens so that it rotates around its center of… Read more »

Video: How to Use a Polarizer Filter in Landscape Photography

In this video, pro nature photographer Ian Plant discusses the importance of using a polarizer filter to reduce glare, enhance contrast, and improve color saturation when working with forest and waterfall scenes. Ian talks about proper techniques for using a polarizer, as well as the kinds of scenes where it is useful. WATCH NOW >>

Behind the Shot: Iceland Ice Cave

I recently got back from a two-week winter trip to Iceland. I was leading a photo tour there most of the time, which limited my ability to make my own photos, but I managed to get a few that I liked. I also got a chance to fly my DJI Phantom 4 drone a bit… Read more »

Video: Using a Filter Holder for Outdoor Photography

In outdoor photography, there are certain lens filters you will find useful. In this video, world- renowned photographer, Ian Plant, shows you why. Ian recommends placing photo filters into a metal filter holder that attaches to your lens. The advantage is you can use multiple filters at once as opposed to stacking the screw-on filters,… Read more »

Video: Shooting in Mixed Light

Although most photographers prefer overcast light when photographing forest scenes, in this video pro nature photographer Ian Plant discusses his preference for shooting in the mixed light that results when strong sunlight filters through the forest canopy. Ian shares his strategies for effectively using mixed light in the rain forest of the Pacific Northwest, especially… Read more »

Video: Using a 70-200mm Zoom Lens for Wildlife Photography

Photographers sometimes need a quality versatile lens. In this free video, world renowned outdoor photographer Ian Plant takes you to exotic settings and shows you the versatility of the lightweight 70mm-200mm Tamron zoom lens. You can handhold the lens because at f-2.8, it lets in plenty of light. To minimize the amount of camera shake,… Read more »

Video: How to Photograph a Rainforest

In this video, pro nature photographer Ian Plant explores the visual chaos of the rain forest of the Pacific Northwest. Ian discusses the importance of using bold shapes to create a sense of order when working with chaotic compositions. He also talks about working in different types of light in the rain forest, and the… Read more »

Course: Wildlife Photography in the Falklands

What’s it like to shoot images of wildlife in a remote location in fickle weather? In this video series, wildlife photographers Ian Plant and Zac Mills travel to the Falkland Islands for tips and techniques on photographing artistic images of penguins, elephant seals, albatross, and imperial cormorants. You will learn about the camera, lenses, and… Read more »