Free Yourself from the “Photography Doldrums”

As cold weather settles in for most of the Northern Hemisphere, I bet many of you are stuck in the “photography doldrums,” with the chill of winter discouraging you from leaving the warmth of home. Comfort takes priority over creation. Doldrums is an old word from the sea; a ship “caught in the doldrums” was… Read more »


Things to Consider When Traveling Internationally for Photography

This is the second part of a two-part article on traveling for photography. In Part One, I offered a few tips to ensure a better experience while flying with photo gear. Here, in Part Two, I offer tips related specifically to international photo travel. Before traveling overseas, ensure yourself a smoother experience by reading this… Read more »


Tips for Airline Travel with Photography Equipment

I’m writing this while sitting at the Budweiser Brew House in the Miami International Airport, killing some time before boarding an overnight flight to South America. This is the less glamorous side of the nature photography profession—I know you think it’s all champagne wishes and caviar dreams, but it’s also lots of idle waiting and… Read more »


The Year in Review: Best Photos of 2016

Ansel Adams once famously said: “Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.” Of course, Adams was shooting with an old fashioned large format film camera; in this age of fast-paced digital technology, I think we can all do at least slightly better than twelve good photos a year! In 2016, I… Read more »


Photo Challenge Week 8 Recap: Bokeh

Hi everyone! Although the Photo Challenge is approaching the end (we’ve only got one more week to go!), I’m amazed at the enthusiasm and level of participation from members of the group. It makes it difficult for me to pick some photos to share during the recap—I can’t possibly review them all—so as always, the… Read more »


Photo Challenge Week 7 Recap: Backlight

I’ve been traveling in South America for the past few weeks with only limited (and incredibly slow) Internet access, so my sincere apologies for not being able to complete the recap for the Week 7 assignment on time. There were a lot of really amazing photos to go through, but here are a few that… Read more »


5 Ways to Tell a Story with Your Wildlife Photos

Make every picture worth a thousand words! Successful wildlife photography requires much more than just getting technically perfect photos of animals striking interesting poses. Instead, the wildlife photographer must strive to capture his or her subjects within the broader context of the environment by telling a story. Light, color, motion, composition, and the magic of… Read more »


Photo Challenge Week 6 Recap: Motion

Hi everyone! The Motion assignment is now complete, and as usual, I saw many really creative photos posted in the Facebook group. You guys continue to impress and inspire me! Here are a few photos that caught my eye this week. This week’s best shots This photo by Michael Nalsky is a good example of… Read more »