Water Photography Tips for Shooting in the Mountains

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Learn how to get amazing shots of waterfalls, streams, and lakes. This session offers water photography tips to help you get those beautiful, artistic water shots using long shutter speeds, reflection, and other tools.

Shooting waterfalls, streams, and lakes can create some really gorgeous and unique shots. These water photography tips show you how to make the most of water in your shots so you can elevate your images. Learn how to get the soft, smooth look with longer exposures, and the trick the pros use to avoid overexposing with longer shutter speeds.

Learn How to Get Postcard-Perfect Water Shots

You’ve seen those gorgeous, ethereal shots of silky-smooth waterfalls and streams and wondered how they do it? Maybe you’ve tried it yourself but the results were not what you had in mind. A few simple tweaks may be all it takes to get the shot you want. Learn how to do it with our water photography tips, and how to avoid common mistakes.