• 2:26

    Making Local Adjustments in Adobe Lightroom

    Although all image editing programs allow you to make global adjustments which affect the entire photo, some programs also allow you to make targeted, local adjustments which can be applied to specific parts of the image. In this video, pro nature photographer Ian Plant discusses the three most useful local adjustment tools in Adobe Lightroom.

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  • 2:17

    Focus Stack Retouching

    Focus stacking is a great method for blending a combination of images captured from the same locked-down position but focused at different points. In this free video, world renowned outdoor photographer Ian Plant introduces you to Helicon Focus, a standalone piece of editing software he highly recommends. A common problem when blending images is movement,…

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  • 1:07

    Creative Experiments: Infrared Time Lapse & Post Production Techniques – Course Preview

    You’ve heard of infrared photography and time lapse videos, and you are curious to know more. In this video series, professional photographer Steve Niedorf shows you what you need to know about infrared photography, time lapse video, and also a variety of post production techniques to improve your overall images. You will learn about infrared…

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  • 8:40

    Infrared Photography Equipment Guide

    Infrared photography equipment offers photographers the opportunity to explore the world of the unseen because IR light lies beyond the spectrum of human eyesight. In this video, professional photographer Steve Niedorf walks you through the infrared photography equipment you will need to capture your images in that ethereal unseen world. Infrared images are produced in…

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  • 9:52

    Editing Images for Time Lapse

    Time lapse photography involves the use of capturing and retouching your stills along with post production video editing. In this tutorial video, professional photographer Steve Niedorf shows you the process from beginning to end. For photo editing, he employs Lightroom to process and later export his infrared stills to Premiere Pro where he will convert…

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  • 9:47

    Creating a Time Lapse Video from Still Images

    Once you’ve completed processing your infrared still images, you are set to go into the time lapse process. In this video, professional photographer Steve Niedorf shows you how to edit images in time lapse video. But before you export your stills, you need to crop them for the video format. Steve suggests exporting about 20…

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  • 8:36

    How to Make a Time Lapse Movie

    After making a time lapse video from infrared stills, the next challenge is how to make a time lapse movie. In this video, professional photographer Steve Niedorf gives you tips and techniques on how to make a time lapse movie. He begins with a sequence of infrared landscape images where a flare in the sky…

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  • 6:57

    HDR Processing: Tips and Techniques

    HDR processing can be frustrating, the final processed HDR image sometimes disappointing. In this video, professional photographer Steve Niedorf shows you how to make your high dynamic range images more natural and real. In editing, he starts with eight photographs of a condo interior, each taken at different exposures. He uses Lightroom and also HDR…

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  • 4:33

    Tips for Converting Images to Black and White

    The latest editing software has made converting images to black and white a lot easier. In this video, professional photographer Steve Niedorf shows you how the process works. In Lightroom, he converts a color image of a tropical plant into a stunning black and white file in a few simple steps. First, he hits the…

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