• 4:21

    Creating Motion in Fall Photography

    Wind is a big part of fall as the colorful leaves drift and flutter about before gently settling to the ground, so fall photography can include introducing motion into your shots. In this session, you’ll learn how to shoot the leaves falling in motion, as well as how to create your own motion.

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  • 7:02

    Tips on Changing Your Perspective in Photography

    Switching your perspective in photography can help you come up with photos that stand out from the crowd. If you’re willing to lay on the ground and use a beanbag for a tripod, you can plan out stunning fall photos from an unusual view. This session will cover this and other changes in perspective.

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  • 0:58

    Considerations in Winter Photography

    Winter photography is both challenging and stunning. It takes some preparation, but the rewards can be phenomenal. This session illustrates how to approach winter, what to bring and what to wear, as well as how to get the fantastic images that make even those who don’t like winter agree that it’s a beautiful season.

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  • 6:50

    Proper Winter Photography Gear and Equipment

    If you’re looking to shoot some spectacular winter photos, be sure to pack the right winter photography gear and pack it well. Winter can be a tough season to navigate, especially when you have a load to carry. This session will help you and your gear stay safe and dry.

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  • 7:41

    Clothing for Cold Weather Photography

    Cold weather photography calls for cold-weather clothing. You’ll learn from this session how not only to dress for the winter, but also how to put on and take off layers to stay comfortable, dry, and safe. If you dress smart, you can forget about the cold and focus on taking amazing winter photos.

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  • 3:37

    How to Photograph Snow: The Importance of Exposure

    You’d think a photo of snow would just look like snow, right? But often that isn’t the case, because cameras will add gray to achieve an average metering. This session will teach how to how photograph snow by over-exposing to compensate for the added gray.

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  • 6:10

    Visualizing and Cropping an Image

    When you’re walking around looking for great photos, don’t just scan the scenery. Patiently examining your surroundings will often reveal unique images that no one else has seen. This session will provide tips and techniques to develop that ability and ensure you’ll get breathtaking photos.

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  • 1:45

    Converting an Image to Black and White

    When is a color image not a color image? When you turn it to black and white. This session will illustrate how sometimes a winter shot will already be so close to monochromatic that you can remove the color and end up with a richer, more striking image.

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