• 3:23

    Infrared Photography and Processing

    Creativity is defined as the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. Sometimes the creative process can hit a roadblock. When you are stumped by the creativity, it’s always good to introduce a new technique into your workflow to ignite new ideas. Infrared photography can be a…

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  • 3:20

    How to Use a Wide Angle Lens the Right Way

    One of the most important lenses that outdoor photographers can buy and use in their photography is the wide angle lens. Wide angle lenses can be used by the photographer to create stunning compositions full of interesting lines and enormous foregrounds. With that said, you can’t simply slap a wide angle lens onto your camera…

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  • 3:11

    How to Use Shapes for Outdoor Photography

    Whether you realize it or not, nature is full of natural shapes. Mountains are triangles, the sun and moon are circles, and rocks can be a variety of squares and rectangles. Shape photography, the ability to see shapes in an outdoor scene, is one of the ways photographers can improve their photography compositions. Once you…

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  • 3:01

    Press Printed Bay Books Review

    Bay Photo’s BayBooks are Hardcover and Softcover Photo Books printed on Indigo printers, the highest quality digital press printing technology available. Available in sizes from 5×5 to 11×14 with Photo Covers or your choice of 56 Cover Materials, BayBooks are perfect as portfolios, or professional quality publications. Click here to learn more. New to Bay…

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  • 3:05

    Bay Photo Acrylic Prints

    Bay Photo Acrylic Prints are vivid, high detail prints mounted behind polished acrylic for a maximum impact, available in sizes up to 43×96″. Your image is printed onto LexJet Metallic or LexJet Lustre Paper, face-mounted to Glossy or Non-Glare Acrylic, and finished with a variety of ultra-modern mounting options. Draw attention to your images with…

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  • 4:01

    Product Review: Datacolor Spyder X Elite

    Outdoor photographers rely on the planning and capturing of beautiful light and color. Whether that’s traveling the world or visiting a familiar location at sunset, tremendous light and color can turn a good photo into a great photo. It’s interesting how photographers focus so much on the gear that helps capture great color in the…

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  • 2:23

    How to Shoot with Focus Stacking in the Field

    There are many obstacles for outdoor photographers to overcome when shooting in the field. For example, you think you have a tack-sharp photo when you look at the image on your camera, but when you look at the photo on the computer screen you realize that it’s slightly out of focus. One of the ways…

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  • 3:32

    Three Essential Drone Photography Compositions

    Improving your outdoor photography composition is the one way you can improve your photo quality without spending any money on expensive gear. Drone photography can also be drastically improved with a few aerial composition techniques. There are three essential drone photography compositions you can apply when you’re using your drone. However, you can’t simply send…

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  • 3:45

    Best Outdoor Photography Settings For Your Drone

    Drones are becoming a popular tool among outdoor photographers to create unique compositions of popular places. Getting the camera off of the ground can create a dynamic perspective of any outdoor scene. But how do you know what settings to use for your drone photography? Since most drones have yet to incorporate aperture, you typically…

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