Photographing Wildlife Along the Florida Gulf Coast - Course Preview

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Duration:   1:30   mins

From freshwater birds to deer, owls and other wildlife, understanding how to best photograph wildlife is essential. In this course, you will follow along with professional wildlife photographers in the diverse landscape of the Florida Gulf Coast.

In this course, you will see some amazing locations along the Florida Gulf Coast and learn wildlife photography techniques for shooting in this diverse landscape. In every session, you’ll follow along with professional wildlife photographers as they share their specific techniques and offer advice for how to set yourself up for the best final image possible.

Wildlife photography is made up of two parts: understanding photography and understanding the animals. The better you understand your subject, the easier it is to capture the wildlife in native locations, without disturbing them. Understanding how to best use your equipment to do so ensures you always leave with beautiful shots. So, from viewing angles and proper composition to aperture control and lighting, mixing everything together makes for incredible pictures.



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