• 9:38

    How to Shoot Drone Panoramas

    Are you new to creating drone panoramas? Have you just purchased your drone camera? Drone panoramas can take you into a whole new world of image making. In this premium video lesson, outdoor photographer David Johnston soars high above the land to capture amazing aerial scenes with his drone camera. Before shooting begins, David reminds…

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  • 2:54

    How to Create Sun Star Photography

    You love shooting scenic landscapes, but you are starting to see some sameness in your compositions. Time to try something new. In this free video, professional nature photographer David Johnston takes you through the process of sun star photography. You will be amazed at what adding sun stars can do for your compositions. In landscape…

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  • 7:41

    How to Photograph Dreamy Macro Small Scenes

    As an outdoor photographer, do you like exploring the forest in search of unusual images? Macro photography can take you into the exciting world of small scenes. In this premium video lesson, professional outdoor photographer David Johnston goes into the woods to capture creative small scenes though what he calls macro ethereal photographs. David focuses…

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  • 11:53

    How to Create a Time-Lapse From Start to Finish

    As you prepare for your next outdoor field trip, are you thinking about all the creative ways you can capture a landscape image? There are some you probably haven’t thought of. In this premium video, nature photographer David Johnston takes you through the process of how to create a time lapse. A step by step…

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  • 3:44

    One Step to Simplify Photo Composition

    Have you ever asked yourself, “Why can’t my photo composition look like the professional’s who photographed this same area?” In this free video lesson, Outdoor Photography Guide’s professional photographer David Johnston narrows the focus of photo composition to help you understand how to capture better images. One of the fastest ways to get better images…

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  • 8:34

    Essential Gear for Travel Photography

    As you prepare for your next travel photography field trip, are you packing the right gear to cover your needs? In this premium video lesson, nature photographer David Johnston takes you through the process of choosing the proper equipment. In his job, David journeys throughout the United States and internationally. That’s why choosing the exact…

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  • 6:53

    Tamron 70-300 – SPONSORED

    As outdoor photographers, we are always on a quest to find the best lenses that fit our needs and vision for our photography. My goal has always been high quality paired with smaller size and lighter weight. The Tamron 70-300 f/4.5-6.3 promised to check every one of those boxes, so I was excited to try…

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  • 7:12

    How to Choose: Black and White or Color

    When you capture your outdoor images, do you sometimes think of shooting in black and white? But when you get into post processing, shooting in black and white doesn’t quite work out. In this premium video lesson, nature photographer David Johnston helps you make that choice. For this shooting in black and white tutorial, you…

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  • 7:59

    Two Ways to Use Masks in Photoshop

    What exactly is Photoshop masking? The masking process involves creating layers and then using Photoshop tools to conceal or reveal certain parts of each layer. You photograph the same exact scene, each image with a different exposure, and then you merge the two layers for a final balanced image. In this premium video, professional nature…

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