Ian Plant

Drone Landscape Photography

Ian Plant
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Duration:   1  mins

For a higher shooting perspective, drone landscape photography can be the answer. In this free video, world-renowned outdoor photographer Ian Plant takes you to Vanuatu Island in the South Pacific for tips on drone landscape photography from a bird’s eye view. Most drone cameras have a fixed focal length and need to be guided up and down to imitate a zoom lens. Drones offer an infinite variety of composition options. Ian flies the DGI Phantom 4 Pro, and looks for interesting landscape formations with high contrast. He captures ocean patterns, shorelines, land masses, and an active volcano. Learn about drone landscape photography from the pro Ian Plant.

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2 Responses to “Drone Landscape Photography”

  1. Joseph

    Thank you. Always inspiring. Why did you select the DGI Phantom Pro 4?

  2. William Connell

    I just bought a phantom 4 pro for photography, just interested in any special settings you feel necessary like what you would consider to be the best aperture setting on the drone as i do everything in manual, thanks Ian.

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