Ground Level Setup for Your Tripod

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Duration: 1:22

There are times when you need to get down really low to capture a dramatic image. In this free video, world renowned outdoor photographer Ian Plant shows you various techniques of using tripods at ground level. A ground level adaptor removes the center column and allows the tripod legs to be spread within a few inches above ground level. Another style of tripod has a removable center column which screws out and lets you spread the legs to their full outright position for ground level shooting. To get even lower, you can use a bean bag to support your camera. You can also set your camera on the ground and support the lens with small rock or an object from your camera bag such as a filter case.

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3 Responses to “Ground Level Setup for Your Tripod”

  1. grillmaster5062

    I mounted my old Slik ball head to a piece of board, about 30 inches long and probably 4 inches front to back. I mounted the head a bit closer to the rear of the board to help out the balance, and I just lie on the ground and prop myself up a bit to shoot. Works fine for ground level shots of small critters and birds.

  2. Kris Wakefield

    One way I’ve gotten down to ground level is to lay the tripod on its side, and adjust the head as needed. Sometimes the legs have to be weighted or head lifted onto something.

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