Nature Photography Tips for the Great Smoky Mountains

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Learn to take advantage of what a photo location gives you, especially when it’s unexpected. Professional photographer Tony Sweet shows you how to keep your eyes and minds open to use the unexpected in your photos whenever you find it, adding color and character to your shots.

Professional photographer Tony Sweet takes you to Greenbrier valley on the Little Pigeon River in the Smokies and teaches you how to photograph rock formations, flowing water, and unexpected elements like a burst of colorful flowers growing in between the rocks. He also finds a random pool of water formed among the rocks and goes with it, showing you how to get a shot of trees reflected in the pool. He shows you how to take advantage of the flowers by using them in the foreground, use different exposure settings to get different grades of motion for the flowing water. He recommends taking several different versions of the flowing water so you can satisfy every buyer or designer, depending on what they are looking for.


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