Ian Plant

How to Use a Polarizer Filter in Landscape Photography

Ian Plant
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Duration:   3  mins

In this video, pro nature photographer Ian Plant discusses the importance of using a polarizer filter to reduce glare, enhance contrast, and improve color saturation when working with forest and waterfall scenes. Ian talks about proper techniques for using a polarizer, as well as the kinds of scenes where it is useful.

To learn more about essential equipment for landscape photography, check out Ian Plant’s eBook, The Grand Landscape.

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3 Responses to “How to Use a Polarizer Filter in Landscape Photography”

  1. Deborah Jackson

    Interesting video but I found the background music so overwhelming it distracted from the film. Is it necessary to use the music?

  2. Ana Montgomery

    Thank you for this detailed video. I too have a polarizer filter and should use it more. You've inspired me to get out there, use it, and practice to master this technique. Thank you! www.AnaMontgomery.Photography is my URL. Your system like others reject the dotPhotography URLs.

  3. Jane

    Very informative and concise, thank you. I have had a polariser for years but don't use it enough

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