How to Use a Polarizer Filter in Landscape Photography

Duration: 3:00

In this video, pro nature photographer Ian Plant discusses the importance of using a polarizer filter to reduce glare, enhance contrast, and improve color saturation when working with forest and waterfall scenes. Ian talks about proper techniques for using a polarizer, as well as the kinds of scenes where it is useful.

To learn more about essential equipment for landscape photography, check out Ian Plant’s eBook, The Grand Landscape.

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2 Responses to “How to Use a Polarizer Filter in Landscape Photography”
  1. Jane

    Very informative and concise, thank you. I have had a polariser for years but don’t use it enough

  2. Ana Montgomery
    Ana Montgomery

    Thank you for this detailed video. I too have a polarizer filter and should use it more. You’ve inspired me to get out there, use it, and practice to master this technique. Thank you! http://www.AnaMontgomery.Photography is my URL. Your system like others reject the dotPhotography URLs.