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Tripod Maintenance

Paul Thomson
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Over the past several years, most serious photographers are carrying more camera gear. That means maintaining your camera and lenses, which takes time and patience. Tripod maintenance may be the last thing you attend to, but it is important. Frequent tripod maintenance will pay dividends. In this video lesson Outdoor Photography Guides’s professional photographer Paul Thomson shows you the best way to clean and maintain your tripod.

You have probably spent a lot of money on your tripods. Therefore, it’s worth the time to keep them in the best condition. Paul takes you through the key steps for tripod maintenance. When you are out in the field, your tripod can get filmed with salt and sand from shooting images on an ocean beach. If you shoot photographs in the forest, your tripod can get grimed with dirt. Over time, your hands can also leave dirt buildups. With carbon fiber tripods, there is little information on maintenance. In his research, Paul found that the newer touring bicycles are made of carbon fiber, and there are bike cleaning solutions available. Paul uses Muc-Off Fast Action Biker Cleaner for his tripod maintenance. He has been pleased with the results.

First, he carefully removes each leg section of his tripod and wipes it with the bike cleaner sprayed onto a clean cloth. Taking his time, he also cleans the threads and the white inserts because they can easily accumulate grime and grit. You might be amazed at how much dirt accumulates on your cleaning cloth. Paul also gives you a tip on leg tension. Tripod legs tend to loosen up over time. Be sure to tighten the bolts now and then for proper tension. These tips are reminders as to why tripod maintenance is crucial.

You know the feel of a clean tripod, and you want to keep it that way. In this video Outdoor Photography Guide’s professional photographer Paul Thomson shows you why tripod maintenance is important for your overall photography.

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