• 11:29

    Luminar 4 Review

    You’ve returned from a great outdoor shoot with hundreds of image files. Now you face the difficult task of sorting and editing. In this video, professional outdoor photographer David Johnston introduces you to Skylum’s Luminar 4 software, the innovative organizing and retouching program. This Luminar 4 Review will show you how to take your outdoor…

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  • 2:40

    Tamron 15 30 Lens

    What kind of lens have you been using for your landscape images? Maybe you are thinking of a new lens to improve those images. In this video, professional outdoor photographer Ian Plant travels to the majestic Canadian Rockies to show you why the Tamron 15 30 just might be your new go-to lens. As Ian…

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  • 2:55

    Tamron 35 150mm Lens Review

    In this video, professional photographer Ian Plant travels to Greenland with the new Tamron 35 150mm lens to photograph icebergs. He uses the 35-150mm’s extensive zoom range to switch between telephoto shots of more distant icebergs and wide-angle perspectives when he gets closer.

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  • 2:51

    Shooting in the Rain

    What is the first thing you are tempted to do when you are outside and it starts to rain? Most people would answer that they would make a mad dash to their car and go back home! Not us. We are outdoor photographers and there is actually a lot of photography potential when rain starts…

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  • 4:01

    Product Review: Datacolor Spyder X Elite

    Outdoor photographers rely on the planning and capturing of beautiful light and color. Whether that’s traveling the world or visiting a familiar location at sunset, tremendous light and color can turn a good photo into a great photo. It’s interesting how photographers focus so much on the gear that helps capture great color in the…

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  • 2:23

    How to Shoot with Focus Stacking in the Field

    There are many obstacles for outdoor photographers to overcome when shooting in the field. For example, you think you have a tack-sharp photo when you look at the image on your camera, but when you look at the photo on the computer screen you realize that it’s slightly out of focus. One of the ways…

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  • 3:32

    Three Essential Drone Photography Compositions

    Improving your outdoor photography composition is the one way you can improve your photo quality without spending any money on expensive gear. Drone photography can also be drastically improved with a few aerial composition techniques. There are three essential drone photography compositions you can apply when you’re using your drone. However, you can’t simply send…

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  • 3:45

    Best Outdoor Photography Settings For Your Drone

    Drones are becoming a popular tool among outdoor photographers to create unique compositions of popular places. Getting the camera off of the ground can create a dynamic perspective of any outdoor scene. But how do you know what settings to use for your drone photography? Since most drones have yet to incorporate aperture, you typically…

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  • 1:59

    Adjusting Highlights and Shadows in Adobe Lightroom

    Professional nature photographer Ian Plant demonstrates how you can use Adobe Lightroom to easily boost shadows and tone down bright highlights in your photos.

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