Photographing at Clingman’s Dome

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You will see why the Smokies got their name when you go with professional photographer Tony Sweet to Clingman’s Dome, the highest place in the Smoky Mountains. He works with the conditions available, shooting photos of fog and sharing technical details while he does it.

At the highest point in the Smoky Mountains, you will see why the mountains got their name. Fog blows over the highest ridges in the early morning, almost obscuring them, looking for all the world like smoke rising up from out of the valleys.

In this session, professional photographer Tony Sweet demonstrates photographing these foggy ridges, using a magenta filter to offset some of the white fog. He takes a few shots, explaining what he is doing and why and bracketing all his shots to capture the best one. He teaches you to use the fog in your photos, then he waits on Mother Nature to blow some of the fog away, so he can get other types of photos on the same trip.


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