Ian Plant

Shooting in Mixed Light

Ian Plant
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Duration:   2  mins

Although most photographers prefer overcast light when photographing forest scenes, in this video pro nature photographer Ian Plant discusses his preference for shooting in the mixed light that results when strong sunlight filters through the forest canopy. Ian shares his strategies for effectively using mixed light in the rain forest of the Pacific Northwest, especially using backlighting in the early morning or late evening.

To learn more about working with natural light, check out Ian Plant’s eBook, Chasing the Light.

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2 Responses to “Shooting in Mixed Light”

  1. Gordon E Sheidler

    I don't know why you call this mixed light. Hard light or harsh light, single source, the sun. If you were using any combination of sun, strobe, incandescent, candle or any other light source would be mixed lighting.

  2. Rene

    Hi Ian, what forest photos! Why did you use a polarizer? I'm still learning when to use them and have mainly seen used in waterfall shots.

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