Visual Literacy in Landscape Photography – Course Preview

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Duration: 1:34

In this course you will learn how to make the most of the subject matter that you find, along with the weather and light conditions of any given day. You’ll also learn tips for selecting settings, camera angles, and compositions, and the options you have for each.

In this course, professional photographer Tony Sweet takes you to several locations deep in the Smoky Mountains and instructs you how to use whatever subject matter you find and use the weather and natural light you have to work with to make stunning photographs. He shows you how to photograph scenic trees, fences, and greenery at dawn, using the sun to light up the edges of the scene. He shows you how he tries different camera settings, camera angles, elevations, and composition, then changes them all to try something else on the same subject matter. Then he shares with you what he got so you can see for yourself the different effects those simple changes can have on your own shots.


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