Bay Photo Lab Metal Prints Review

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If you’re like most photographers, you want to see your best images in print and on display. In this free video, world renowned outdoor photographer Ian Plant shows you one of the latest techniques in the world of quality printing, and it’s available through the internet. This intriguing new print option is the metal print. Ian recommends the lab he uses for his own work, Bay Photo, a leader in the metal print technology.

A metal print is made from dyes inserted into a coated aluminum sheet. The color quality is superb with an enhanced luminesce. Metal prints do not fade, need no frames and no glass, and are safe to dust or clean. You can choose metal prints in glossy, satin or matte finish. and with round or sharp corners. And it’s all pretty easy. You send your files at maximum pixel resolution to Bay Photo where a technician will make color corrections and resize the photo. Ordering is easy. Go to and follow the step by step instructions.

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