Layne Kennedy

Coastal Beach Photography Tips: Water, Wildlife, and Culture—Course Preview

Layne Kennedy
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Duration:   1  mins

This fun and informative photography course will not only gives you practical photography tips you can start using immediately, but it is also an amazing feast for the eyes. Join your host on a journey to various locations in beautiful Key West, Florida, as you learn photography techniques to best capture this breathtaking area.

Coastal photography doesn’t have to be limited to shooting beach sunset photos. It can be an exciting combination of wildlife, underwater shots, and culture shots that capture the local flavor. All you need is a little creativity, a bit of imagination, and some solid techniques to ensure that what you see through your lens will be captured in your finished product. This coastal photography course provides all that and more.

Throughout the course you will learn invaluable photography tips from as you explore the tropical paradise of Key West, Florida, shooting iconic beach scenes, local cultural, wildlife, and low-light street scenes.



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