Preparing a Camouflage Blind

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In this session on preparing a blind, expert photographer Doug Gardner says, “Being a good wildlife photographer is more than just mastering exposure and composition. It’s making the right preparations to get the best photo opportunities. To shoot nesting birds, that means a blind for camouflage.”

Before preparing the blind to photograph the pileated woodpecker, Doug takes a moment to stop and capture some beautiful images of wild horses along a North Carolina beach. Then, it’s off to the trees as wildlife shooter, Jared Lloyd, shows the steps in building a blind. Jared constructs a plywood platform, builds the blind with PVC pipe and camouflage netting, and then positions it on top of his SUV to better access the woodpecker.

Roll up your sleeves and prepare to build your own blind for photographing birds with these helpful wildlife photography tips.



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