Product Review: Tamron 24-70mm

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Duration:   3  mins

When shooting wildlife and landscapes, do you get tired of changing lenses to accommodate your composition choices? In this free video, world renowned outdoor photographer Ian Plant takes you to Ethiopia and shows you why the Tamron 24-70mm mid-range zoom lens may solve your problem. The Tamron 24-70mm zoom lens is ideal for shooting a variety of wildlife, landscape, and travel subjects. With a fast aperture of 2.8, this remarkable lens allows you to hand-hold your camera in low light situations when shooting wildlife or documentary subjects. It also has vibration compensation for sharp focus and image stabilization when you need to use lower shutter speeds. Employing this practical zoom lens, Ian shows you some of his beautiful wildlife and landscape images from his Ethiopia excursion. For more information about the Tamron 24-70mm zoom lens, visit

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