Urban City Photography from a Rooftop

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Things look different from above. In this session, you’ll learn how your urban landscape photographs can benefit from a fresh point of view and you’ll also get some pointers on selecting for color play.

When it comes to urban city photography, sometimes all it takes to see things differently… is to see things differently. In this session, Layne takes us up a few flights of stairs to some rooftops for a whole different view of the urban landscape. From a higher viewpoint, you’ll get some fresh ideas on subject selection and composition. You’ll get some tips on ISO settings and depth of field tactics, and Layne explains how to shoot a great panoramic series to stitch together in post-production.

Shadows and reflections look completely different from above in urban city photography, and you’ll see how to create a story that you could never see from ground level. You’ll also get some pointers on selecting for color play.