Layne Kennedy

Indoor Photography Tips

Layne Kennedy
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Duration:   3  mins

When the sun is too harsh and high in the sky to shoot outdoors, it’s time to head inside. Photographer Layne Kennedy illustrates how to transition from outdoors to indoors, how to deal with the challenges, and how to capture excellent images while on location at the Great Minnesota Get-Together.

When you’re out shooting the beauty of summer, sometimes you may need to head indoors. In this session, Layne Kennedy has some indoor photography tips to help you ensure you’ll be able to face the challenge with great photos to show for it.

Layne, a seasoned photographer shooting at the Minnesota State Fair in this video, points out that when the sun is bright and high in the sky, it’s not the best setting in which to take photos. Instead, it’s a good time to head indoors to one of the many fair buildings.

Indoor Photography Tips Focus on Lighting Changes

In these buildings, you can capture images of livestock, storytellers, art, flowers, 4-H exhibits, and more. These can be fun activities to photograph, but you may run into challenges, such as fluorescent lighting to showcase exhibit items or a bank of windows that could detract from elements in your shot.

Among the indoor photography tips you’ll learn in this session is to check your auto white balance and correct it if necessary, as well as to ensure relatively even lighting by pinpointing an area within the building that has one light source that’s strong on its own rather than a mixture of three different sources.

In the case of air-conditioned buildings on a hot, muggy day, you may need to be careful with your gear to make sure it doesn’t fog up as soon as you walk indoors and the temperature drops dramatically.

ISO Changes for Good, Clean Shots

This course will show you how to bump up your ISO for good, clean shots, how to move in on and play up details such as a close-up of blue-ribbon corn kernels, and how to use tools to enhance your indoor photos — indoor photography tips that will help you at any time of the year.



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