Layne Kennedy

Proper Winter Photography Gear and Equipment

Layne Kennedy
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Duration:   6  mins

If you’re looking to shoot some spectacular winter photos, be sure to pack the right winter photography gear and pack it well. Winter can be a tough season to navigate, especially when you have a load to carry. This session will help you and your gear stay safe and dry.

Shooting photos in the winter may give you wonderful scenes that take your breath away, but it’s also a season that can be difficult, even dangerous, if you’re not prepared. This session will show you what winter photography gear to bring along on your photo shoots and how to pack it wisely.

Photographer Layne Kennedy begins the session with a pile of gear in the snow in front of him. It looks like more than anyone could carry, but he explains how it all comes together. While you can find a traditional carrier that lets you carry everything on your back, a more practical and much cheaper method is to do what Layne does: rig up a sled with a rope and bungee cord system to hold your gear and make it easy to pull along with you.

Proper Winter Photography Gear

Layne also recommends taking along a pair of snowshoes in case you encounter deep snow. If you’ve ever tried walking through snow and breaking through with each step, you can appreciate the suggestion. Of course, you’ll need appropriate camera gear as well, which you may want to place in a dry pack. If you’re near spring, an umbrella could help keep you and your gear protected from melting snow that may fall on you. Layne also recommends a blanket to lie on for low-perspective shots so you don’t get wet from the snow.

Another important tip for your winter photography gear is to take care when changing lenses. For example, fleece gloves can carry static electricity which can harm the sensor on your camera. You should either buy static-free gloves or take your gloves off when changing lenses.



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