Considerations in Winter Photography

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Winter photography is both challenging and stunning. It takes some preparation, but the rewards can be phenomenal. This session illustrates how to approach winter, what to bring and what to wear, as well as how to get the fantastic images that make even those who don’t like winter agree that it’s a beautiful season.

There are many reasons to practice photography in winter. It’s a time when not many people are out there with you, so you can work alone and avoid distraction. You may also be one of the first people to come across your scenes, so the snow and other elements of your shots will likely be undisturbed. This can lead to some of the most pristine, gorgeous images of any of the four seasons.

In this session, you’ll receive tips and techniques on how to dress for winter weather, what photography gear and protective gear to pack, how to use light and exposure to get realistic images of snow, visualize and crop your winter images, and when to throw out the color and convert your high-contrast snowy photo into a black and white image.

Photographer Layne Kennedy, who grew up in Minnesota and still lives in the state, has great affection for winter photography. The season comes with unique challenges so you’ll need to take some steps to prepare for those challenges, but it also has unique beauty that can produce visual magic. In this video, he’ll show you how to make your own magic.