Photographing Graffiti in Urban Environments

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Graffiti is a natural part of the urban landscape. Rather than avoid it, see how to use it as a compositional element in your urban water photography. Layne shares tips for working with the lower lighting conditions you’ll likely encounter while chasing a shot.

Whether you consider it art or vandalism, graffiti is an expected part of the urban landscape, and Layne shows us how to incorporate it into our shots in this session. You will learn general tips for photographing graffiti, including how to work with the lower lighting conditions you are likely to find in locations with both water and graffiti.

Light Considerations While Photographing Graffiti

You will see how composition affects the gathering of light around graffiti, and how to use the reflection of objects as elements in your urban water photographs. By varying the way the light encounters the subject, Layne comes away with several very different shots with similar composition of the same subject.