Ian Plant

Short Telephoto Lens and Why It’s Valuable for Outdoor Photography

Ian Plant
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Duration:   2  mins

Do you have a favorite camera lens for your outdoor photography? In this free video, professional outdoor photographer, Ian Plant, will take you through the features of his own favorite, the short telephoto lens.

In his camera bag, Ian always includes his 70-200mm zoom lens. He shows you how this lens works for landscape, wildlife, and street photography. The lens has the wide open 2.8 aperture, an internal zoom, consistent focusing for zooming, and image stabilization. He says, “All this allows me to capture sharp images in a variety of conditions, even low lighting.”

Join pro shooter, Ian Plant, as he shows you the advantages of the short telephoto lens.

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3 Responses to “Short Telephoto Lens and Why It’s Valuable for Outdoor Photography”

  1. Linda

    Will this lens fix my FujiFilm Finepix camera? If not could you recommend one. TY!

  2. Butch

    I would like to know if the 18-270mm Tamron lens was considered for its flexibility of a really wide angle and a bit more zoom. I know it’s not the internal zoom and maybe that along with the 2.8 vs 5.6 is a big deal. Opinion?

  3. bob

    I was watching the video on the use of a short telephoto lens. I was wondering what brand the 70-200 MM F/2.8 lens was being used.

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