5 Best Places for Photography in the Southeastern United States

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If you are a dedicated outdoor photographer, you’ve probably been to many famous locations like national parks, forests, and monuments to capture your images. Professional outdoor photographer David Johnston has visited the great sites all over the United States. In this video, he takes you on a tour of his favorite region, the southeast, and gives you the five best locations to capture dramatic compositions.

His first location is the most diverse park in the United States, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park for its beautiful woods, waterfalls, streams, mountains, valleys and of course, wildlife including elk.

David’s second location is the city of Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston offers old town scenes, creative architecture, rippling beaches, and the Atlantic Ocean.

The third best place for outdoor photography is the outer banks of North Carolina where you will find sand dunes, long beaches, shoreline houses, the Barrier Islands, and even wild horses.
Night photography is especially appealing for shooting long exposures of lighthouses beneath star-filled skies.

The fourth best place on the list is Tybee Island, Georgia, a haven for wild bird photographers. In morning and evening light, the sturdy old piers offer a range of photo opportunities. You can also explore the lighthouses for interior and exterior shots.

The fifth and final best place is the national seashore on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. Here you will find sea grasses, beach scenes, and a variety of bird species. David claims the natural light seems to last forever during the morning and evening hours when you can create spectacular sunrise and sunsets over the Gulf.

Pro photographer David Johnston urges you to make a special trip to the southeastern United States and visit his five best places. You will love the photographic results.

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